Friday, June 1, 2012

School's Out for Summer!

Thursday was the last day of school.  Can't believe that we now have one in Elementary (2nd grader), one in Middle School (6th grade), and one in HIGH School!  Eeeek!  Wow, that doesn't seem right...where did the time go!

 It was a sad day for Presley....Presley LOVED school!  She loved her friends & teacher! She is going to miss it so much over the summer.  We will have to do lots of playgroups this summer so she will still get to see her friends! 
Shelby loved school too!! But she hangs out with all of her girlfriends DAILY. Ha! She is a very popular girl around here...everyone wants to hang out with Shelby. And we can see why...she is a great girl and a friend to everyone!
The boys were glad that school was out...haha!  No surprise there!  HA!  They already have lots of pool parties and movie nights planned for the summer!

Here is a little of what went on the last few weeks of school!

Chad and the girls attended the annual Father Daughter Dance at the school!

Presley was recognized as "All Around Kid of Character" There is only one kid picked from each class! This is a very big award! She was recognized for Respect, Responsibility, Caring, Citizenship, Fairness and Trustworthiness!
 The Principal Mrs. Richards awarded Presley with a certificate! Mrs. Richards is from wild is that?!  During her time in Amarillo, she served as a Principal, Assistant Principal, curriculum specialist, regular classroom teacher, and special education teacher.

 Mr. Verville (aka Mr.V) was Presley's favorite teacher!

So proud of her!! 

Shelby has done great all year!! Straight A's!!! Whoo hoo!! She received lots of awards for her grade...but they did not have a program for parents to come I had no picture of her! :(   Chad and I stopped by her class the last day of school to thank her teacher Mrs. Chesky! Mrs. Chesky said Shelby is a great student and a very smart girl...she will be placed in the gifted and talented program next year! 

8th grade graduations!! Where did the time go?! 

 Cameron being presented his 8th grade diploma!

Zane being presented his 8th grade diploma (sorry picture was not good)

 So proud of him!!! He has really become such an all around GREAT young man!!

Mr. Cameron is always stylin' hehe!! Love this kid...such a smart young man!! So proud of him too!

Zane, Cameron and their good friend and neighbor, Kyle

Best Buds!

 Love them!

Best Friends!   Btw, Isiah (between Zane and Cameron), his Dad is Chester Bennington, lead singer of the band Linkin Park.  

 Zane and his girlfriend, Kasey...such a sweet girl!

After Graduation limo style to dinner! :)

Family pic @ graduation

The next night they had an 8th grade dinner for all family and friends! At Rawhide! 

 Tableside magic show!

 Presley writing her name on a playing card for one of the tricks!

 So fun!

 The magic card!

 Pig races!

 Presley the out-law! Haha!

 Shelby put Presley in jail!

Great friends playing some checkers in the old time village!

Cameron riding on the mechanical bull...sorry video is not that good! But you can get the idea!

Zane riding the mechanical bull...again the video is not that great!


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