Sunday, July 8, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

Its been a while since I have taken time to write on the blog. Things get busy and hectic around here...
I have started cleaning houses (which I love...always need me some walkin around money ha), Zane has been going to weightlifting/football camp Mon-Thurs which is GREAT! That will continue until the middle of July! Shelby is going to start soccer camp with a few of her girlfriends, and little Miss Presley loves having play dates. 
So here it goes, I'm going to try and catch up on here in a few posts... 
Happy Birthday Shelby! Hard to believe she is already 11...It seems like yesterday she was just born and she brought so much joy into our life. She is such a incredible young lady. She is kind and generous and so giving of herself to others. She is funny and thoughtful. We tell her everyday how much we love her, and adore every moment we spend with her. She make us proud and we love her to the moon and back!!

So for Shelby's 11th Birthday party we decided to have a small group of friends over and have a Pool/Beach theme Party! Jessica, my older sister was able to come down for the party which made it extra special, since it will be the last time she could travel before she has her babies :)

 Birthday girl!

 Chad and I

 Party decorations!

 Party cups!

 Party favors...gumballs!

 My love!

 Beach party food!

Jessica and Zane

 Happy 11th Birthday Miss Shelby Layne

 Shelby receiving her B-day gift over Skype...a trip to Mexico with her BFF from OKC!

We surprised Shelby with a trip to Mexico with the Munson family (friends from OKC)! She was so excited, thrilled, surprised & on top of the world!

 We had a custom passport cover made! She loves it :)

Birthday money!

Silly Presley with her water balloon boobies! Hehe

Aunt Jessica with PJ

Beach party snacks!


Silly girls

 Beach party food...Nutter Butter flip flops with brown sugar for the sand, Chad made this! 

Friends being silly with the water balloons!

Love this picture! TWINS....girls!


Night swim

Another year of Fabulous!

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