Saturday, May 12, 2012

How I Celebrated My Birthday!

It's be awhile since I have posted something to the blog (sorry)...I have wanted to share how I celebrated my last Birthday back in November :) 33 Random Acts of Kindness! I think everyone should do this at least once in there life time!! Its such a rewarding experiences! My Birthday wish was to complete an Random Act of Kindness for every year of my life thus far! 

Day 1~Random Act of Kindness...Dropped off two big boxes of clothes and house hold items to Goodwill! And as I was there an employee dropped a case of waters and lipton ice stopped and helped him pick them up!! He was very grateful, he just keep telling me thank you!

Day 2~Random Act of Kindness...I wrote a letter to a old friend and mailed it (yes the total old fashion way)!

Day 3~Random Act of Kindness...Went to Starbucks this morning! Paid for a lady's coffee behide me in line :)

Day 4~Random Act of Kindness...Donated a few children books from Barnes & Noble for the Holiday Book Drive!

Day 5~Random Act of Kindness...Had the girls help me with this one. While at Costco we went around and picked up shopping carts in the parking lot!! The girls loved helping me...they where running all over the place gathering carts up! So fun!!

Day 6~Random Act of Kindness...taped change to vending machines!

Day 7~Random Act of Kindness...I smiled at EVERYONE I saw today & said hello to everyone!

Day 8~ Random Act of Kindness...I read entire Junie B. Jones book to Presley, instead of the usual 1 chapter, she was a happy girl indeed!

Day 9~Random Act of Kindness...Since today is my Birthday I wanted to do something special for my Random Act of Kindness!! I donated blood for the very first time! Wow! Talk about an incredible experiences the nurses and volunteers where great and so encouraging! When they told me donating blood was going to save 3 lives, I wish I had donated a long time ago! I not only felt like I was doing a good deed, but I felt they were doing me a good deed themselves. Don't ever let a little poke or a little dizziness hold you back from saving 3 lives, it's more than worth it.

Day 10~Random Act of Kindness...Went to the Dollar Tree to pick up a few things, and hid a few dollars in the kid's toy section. Man, I wish I could have seen the kids that found my dollars!
(Chad said this one might be one his favorites I did so far!)

Day 11~Random Act of Kindness....Bought a lottery ticket for a stranger! Hope they won something cause I sure didn't! Ha!

Day 12~ Random Act of Kindness...Filled 2 Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes! For a little girl age 2-4 and a boy age 2-4!
Operation Christmas Child, is the world's largest Christmas project, brings joy and hope to needy children around the world through gift-filled shoe box!

Day 13~Random Act of Kindness...Left Positive Thought on our community bulletin board!

Day 14~Random Act of Kindness...this evening I went up to the kids school and wrote words of encouragement all over the schoolground for the kids to see in the morning!
Everyone needs a few words of encouragement!! :)

Day 15~ Random Act of Kindness...Me and Shelby took books to the Family Waiting Room of labor & delivery floor of the hospital for new big brothers and sisters to be.

Day 16~Random Act of Kindness...Took a plate of homemade cookies to the Fire Department-we have been fortunate enough to never need their services, but I assure you that I sleep better at night knowing how close they are. The girls wrote them notes that said "Thank you for helping our community." Those boys were so excited...the rest of the crew had just left on a call...and said they would "try" and save some for the others for when they got back! Ha! :)

Day 18~Random Act of Kindness...left our mail-lady a Sassy gift and a note thanking her for bringing us our mail!

Day 19~Random Act of Kindness...I joined the Toys Platoon, the Platoon is an operation to ensure that the children of military family will have a Marry Christmas!

Day 20 & 21~Random Act of Kindness...While at the post office I let 3 people cut me in line, did I mention that I had already been standing in line with boxes for 20 minutes! For the second act I informed the lady behind the counter that her shirt was the way you could see her bra ha!

Day 22~ Random Act of Kindness...Went to Applebee's tonight for the way the food sucked!! I guess we were reminded why we never eat there! Not only was the food horrible, but the waiter was the worst waiter EVER! So Chad made me laugh when he said, "for today's random act of kindness, this guy is getting a tip!"

Day 23~Random Act of Kindness...Tucked Happy notes on cars in parking lots wishing people a Good Day!

Day 24~Random Act of Kindness...Bought a gift card at Target, and turned around and handed it to the woman in line be hide me!! She almost started to cry! So did I :)

Day 25-33~Random Act of Kindness...This one summed up the rest of my post, it was a big decision that me and Chad both talked about before I decided to do this! I became on the Egg Donor list... What this means is with my help (if I am chosen) I am creating the possibility for a childless couple to have the family they have always dreamed of. Without mine and others selflessness and open heart, this possibility would not exist! I will be on this list till I turn 34...after that I am too old :(

I was overwhelmed by the number of texts, emails & Facebook post I received from family, friends &colleagues, telling me what a inspiration I was to them! 
This mostly reminded me how opportunities to help others are all around us all the time, we're just usually too busy to notice!

“Be kind to one another" 
― Ellen DeGeneres

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