Monday, December 26, 2011

Thanksgiving in our New Home!

Better Late Then Never! 

This past Thanksgiving was very memorable for Chad and I because we hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner in our new home, AND we survived our first Turkey encounter. Well, meaning, that we cooked my first Thanksgiving feast and it turned out picture perfect!! 

The girls made homemade Thanksgiving place cards!! 

Sweet Potatoes!! 

(wish I had taken a picture before we had cut it)

Mashed Potatoes!

Green Bean Casserole!

Rolls and Stuffing!

Thank you Mimi and Pappa for the yummy gift basket!!

Gobble, Gobble! Thanksgiving Party for Miss Presley's Class!

Tootsie Pop Turkey...How cute are these lil guys!! =)
We made 28 of these little guys for Presley's class friends!

Presley setting at their classroom handmade table ha! Getting ready to draw her place setting .
Thanksgiving feast line!


All of the first graders enjoying their Thanksgiving feast!

 Passing out her Tootsie Pop Turkey to her friends!

Our little Pilgrim!
Happy Thanksgiving 2011

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