Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!

I wanted to just take a minute to tell you the reasons why I LOVE my husband and how awesome he is and share it with you all!

He is kind-hearted, always and to everyone
He is funny ~ maybe a little cheesy sometimes-but he makes me laugh!
He know that the little things make all the differences
He is filled with knowledge about so many things that I would never remember ha!
He is charming, sweet and hot!
He is filled with knowledge (one of the smartest people I know)
He accepts my crazy family hehe
He will buy feminine products for me if he had too :)
He is always willing to eat out where me and the kids want to
He is loved by all of my friends!
He is always quick to smile :)
He never gets all worked up about the small stuff!
He teaches me new things every day
He lets me watch my shows
He doesn't mind that sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day, and don't always look all that great
He is the primary cook in our house...okay the only one ha!
He likes to cuddle
He desperately wants our kids to think he is cool (which they do)
He can handle the yuckies in our house (vomit,bugs, ect)
He takes care of me when I'm sick
He lets me be a stay-at-home mom!
He is a true romantic
He is a big kid at times
He loves his sports with a passion (Boomer Sooner)
He is always thinking of me when he drives by Starbucks and brings me a coffee!
He will kiss me even with morning breath
He always have a unique way of making me look at situations
He appreciate my roll as a mommy
He will carry the kids to bed on his shoulder, even though they are getting to big!
He tells me and the kids that he loves us morning and night
He see us as team
He values my opinion
He don't pressure me about the house
He has the perfect lips :)
He makes me laugh
He always has a positive outlook on things
He doesn't like to argue
He protects us!
He is a provider
He encourages me with my Sassy Cassie crafts :)
He apprecaites me
He calls me a couple times a day just to say he loves me!
He has nicknames for the kids
He never needs anything
He like to talk to me when we are on road trips
He like to play and swim with the kids
He still hugs and kisses our kids goodnight
He would if he could buy me the moon
He has goals
He holds me at night
He loves me!

Happy Birthday Chad Alan Jackson...I love you to the moon and back!

One of my favorite pictures of Chad...singing "Burning Love"! Haha

My Soul-mate, My Lover, My Best-friend!

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